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Proper Battery Connect And Converter Use Pete’s RV Quick Tips

But as mentioned earlier, this color code system only works for the AC side of the RV electrical system. The DC side will have red as the positive and black as the negative. If that doesn’t confuse you already or make you scratch your head then those odd situations where devices use different colored wiring will. The white-colored wire is supposed to be the negative or ground wire on the DC electrical side of the system.

Wire and light connections are outside of the frame tubes under the trailer bed. The Brown wire only feeds power to lights, so size it for the power requirements of your lights. For a utility trailer, that is probably not much power, so a smaller gage is OK. For a large enclosed trailer with lots of running lights, consider a larger gage. This wire should be at least as big as the largest wire in your harness.

Amp or 50 Amp?

When the + is connected to the – across the row, they become a “single” 12 volt battery. When these pairs are wired together with ++ and — , they keep the same voltage but now you have more capacity. The entire bank is treated as a single 12 volt battery.

THE IDEA of a Camper Van Backseat Chair

I have an RV with 2 identical Interstate Batteries 12V wired in Parallel. Last weekend we were plugged in, so there shouldn’t have been a draw on the batteries. The one that was added in aftermarket really got hot, smelled of sulfur and the other one was fine.

These can be placed anywhere, usually in a visible area though. Often they are installed near the batteries themselves. The battery positive cable will go to the switch so if you don’t see it by the battery then you will have to trace the wires to see where they lead. If it isn’t near the batteries it can be mounted on the wall in a storage compartment or if you have a motorhome it can be by the dash or the entrance door. Again, they can be anywhere so if you can’t locate it you might have to contact the manufacture to see where they install them. Batteries produce hydrogen when being charged, which can explode if there’s a spark nearby.

We suggest this because it is difficult to diagnose your wiring issue over the phone. In order to measure all the current there should be nothing between the shunt and the negative post of te battery. If the N and GND are bonded a leak to GND will pass back through N, through the shore panel and somewhere on the shore side find it’s way to ground. You could be right but it does not make sense to me.

If you need 1 hour of 2 KW AC power, you will need a battery system with 12v and 350 AH and 2 of the 160 Watt solar panels in parallel . You will need a lot more batteries and solar panels if you need to run 2 KW for longer than 1 hour, or if you need more power such as 5 KW. Please use our solar calculator for your https://www.thedatingpros.com/myhornysingles-review/ system recommendations. It sounds to me like your battery should read at least 4 volts and it will be considered fully charged. But if your resting voltage reading is 2.8 volts or less, then the battery is discharged and needs to be re-charged. You can wire 3 of these batteries in series to obtain 12 volts.

Make sure you have some kind of fuse or circuit breaker in between each component that could be potentially damaged by too high voltage, shorting out, etc. Another thing you want to make sure of is that your charger is rated for the battery chemistry that you are charging. Most deep cycle batteries have similar charging profiles but lithium batteries require a slightly different voltage. Whether wiring RV batteries in series or in parallel, it is best to use batteries of the same voltage and capacity .

What Color Wire is Positive on a Camper?

It is possible the issue is with the battery and not the RV too. There could be something wrong within the plates and the testing they did might have only been the amp draw on the RV which could have been within specs. You could have the battery tested at auto parts stores for free and see if they find and issue with it. I have seen this happen with new batteries, rare but it does happen. Many large motorhomes come with a propane-operated generator pre-installed, but with smaller motorhomes and travel trailers, you may need to purchase one aftermarket.

Ideally, your 24 hr solar output should be at minimum double your daily draw. For high use gates we see people collecting 3-4 days of energy in a single day. They do this so they can backup energy for bad solar days.