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What It Means To Be Equally Yoked

F. The partners have struggled with how to communicate and come to agreement on how to meet their need to love and were provided with additional feedback in this area. Review Approach for Need “To Learn” A. The need to learn was defined as covering the mental need to develop and grow. The partners were asked to write and discuss their current and past goals for learning, intellectual stimulation, and being open to new experiences and skills. The partners were asked to discuss the pros and cons of their current approach.

The partners were provided with positive feedback as they identified a variety of behavioral, cognitive, and affective cues of moderate levels of anxiety. The partners were provided with additional feedback regarding the common behavioral, cognitive, and affective cues of being at moderate levels of anxiety. Facilitate Co-Parenting Agreement A. The partners were assisted in developing a co-parenting agreement. The partners’ co-parenting agreement was formulated to include a pledge that the children’s primary residence will be established in their best interests. The partner’s co-parenting agreement was formulated to include a pledge that neither parent will belittle the other parent or that parent’s family members in front of the children. The partner’s co-parenting agreement was formulated to include promises that the parents will avoid placing the children in loyalty conflicts.

When time is not specifically accounted for, the psychologically abusive partner makes accusations about the other partner. As treatment has progressed, the psychologically abusive partner has become more trusting and less demanding of information regarding the other partner’s time and whereabouts. Time-accounting demands have ceased. Jealous of Time with Others A. The psychologically abusive partner reports feelings of jealousy regarding time that the other partner spends with other individuals. The jealous partner becomes especially upset when the other partner spends time with someone of the opposite sex. The abusive partner often expressed feelings of jealously through intimidation, critical comments, or threats.

The partners’ sexual interaction is characterized by a lack of fulfillment by both partners. As the partners have increased their emotional connection and their level of affection, their sexual interaction has become more frequent and fulfilling. Encourage Straightening of Office The stressed partner was directed and encouraged to straighten up around the office. The stressed partner was reinforced for straightening up the office. The stressed partner has not straightened up the office and was redirected to do so.


It was noted that the partners experienced enjoyment when showing interest in or participating in activities pleasurable to the other partner. The partners have not shown an interest in or participated in an activity that is pleasurable to the other partner but not to self and were redirected to do so. The partners reported a decrease in criticism of each other’s hobbies or other enjoyable activity, and the positive benefit of this was reviewed.

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As http://www.datingwebreviews.com/wellhello-review has progressed, the partners have decreased their conflict and gained greater balance in their respective responsibilities. Assess Frequency of Sexual Interactions A. The partners were questioned regarding the current frequency of sexual interactions. The partners were asked about the frequency of sexual interactions across the history of the relationship.

We only dated for three months before I moved across the country to attend Dallas Theological Seminary. For the next nine months, we dated long distance. Our phone conversations helped build our bond and after my first year of school, we were married. It is through his leadership, support, and encouragement that I am able to continue to grow in my relationship as a believer, a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a writer today. I saw this fundamental difference in my brief dating encounters.

Provide Guidelines for Discussing Abuse A. Specific guidelines were provided to the partners for discussing the abuse. Clarity, including being specific, sharing thoughts and feelings, paying attention, asking clarifying questions, and summarizing content and feelings were emphasized. The user of the Internet sexually explicit material was assisted in empathizing with the partner’s feelings of hurt and disappointment. The other partner was urged to share his/her feelings of hurt and betrayal experienced as a result of the other partner’s use of Internet pornography.

Discuss Trust The partners were asked to answer questions in regard to trust. The partner’s level of trust was processed. Discuss Fears about Forgiveness The partners were asked to discuss their fears and apprehensions about forgiveness. Support and encouragement were used as the partners discussed the issues of forgiveness.

I’m a MA medical card holder who lives in the Worcester area. I currently go to Maine for cannabis because I don’t like buying overpriced hay from MSO’s. It’s being reported by Vice and Slashdot that Facebook’s version of ChatGPT, called LLaMa , has been leaked and is being widely downloaded. This poem mentions a time when McAndrew was “Third on the Mary Gloster”.

Each self-talk thought or conclusion was assessed for whether it is directly related to the specific situation described (i.e., is situationally specific, not global). Each self-talk thought or conclusion was assessed for accuracy (i.e., actual evidence can be cited to support the conclusion). It was noted that the partner’s self-talk thoughts or conclusions were helpful, specific, and accurate.

The partners were reinforced for using “I” messages. The partners have not used “I” messages and were redirected to do so. Teach Assertiveness A. The partners were taught about the use of assertiveness versus passiveness or aggressiveness. Role-playing and modeling techniques were used to teach the partners about how to use assertive means of expressing thoughts and feelings. The partners were reinforced for the use of assertive communication of thoughts and feelings.

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