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Everything you need to know about human rights in Kazakhstan Amnesty International Amnesty International

A March 1995 referendum extended the president’s term until 2000, solidifying Nazarbayev’s control and raising serious doubts among Kazakhstani people and international observers as to the state of Kazakhstani democracy. Liberal arts colleges have only existed in Kazakhstan since independence in 1991. Until that time all institutes of higher education trained workers for a specific skill and to fill a specific role in the economy. This is still very much the case with high school seniors deciding among careers such as banking, engineering, computer science, or teaching. A fermented horse’s milk called kumis in Kazakh is 2M2W also occasionally drunk more about it on https://absolute-woman.com/asian-women/kazakhstan-women/ at ceremonial occasions. This traditional milk dates back to the nomadic days, and many people in Central Asia think that the intoxicating beverage is therapeutic. Another national food that is present at all celebrations is bausak, a deep-fried bread with nothing in the middle and usually in the shape of a triangle or a circle.

  • Most town mosques are cared for and staffed by a mullah, who conducts religious services at the mosque as well as funerals, weddings, and blessings.
  • But I have a little knowledge about Kazakhstan’s cultural ties with China .
  • The intent is that the tea should never get cold, and the passing of the empty cup by a guest or a family member to the woman pouring tea serves as a way to keep them interacting, a way of showing respect.
  • A woman built her life strategies in accordance with social norms.
  • One-third of lending provided by the Bank was directed to women and 750 projects worth 51.9 billion tenge (US$155 million) were financed.

As a result, Kazakhstan’s HDI rank of 33 in 1991 went down to 76 in 1998 years. The territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is about 2,700,000 km2. The Republic is situated in the Central Asian region and borders on China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. Local state governance is performed by representative bodies of power – maslikhats elected by the population, and by executive bodies headed by akims nominated by the President. Kazakhstan is a unitary democratic secular state with the presidential form of government. The Parliament, whose functions include adoption of laws, amending them, ratification and denunciation of international agreements, consists of two Chambers.

“The Breath of the Government on My Back”

In some cases, it is contemplative or philosophical, expressing the views of a küishi on the meaning of life. Still others celebrate the beauty of the steppe or of particular landscapes. Several küis have arisen in response to major historical events. In short, küis encapsulate an entire picture of the nomads’ diverse and multifaceted world. Küis may also be performed on instruments other than the dombyra, one of which, the two-string fiddle qobyz, was featured in this concert.

Second, a huge thank-you to my UNH mentor, Dr. Svetlana Peshkova, whose steadfast guidance and encouragement helped me stay focused and confident in my research. Finally, I would like to thank my foreign mentor, Dr. Nurseit Niyazbekov, without whom this project would never have gotten off the ground. I learned how much privilege came from my American passport but also my native language. Everywhere I went, people spoke English, were learning English, or wanted to learn English because they saw it as a key to a better life. Thus, my research experience not only helped me grow academically and professionally as a researcher but also helped me become a better global citizen by teaching me about myself and my privilege in an international context.

This means that Kazakhstan women are not going to come straight to your hotel room “for a swim”. You are not going to have thousands of Tinder matches, or hundreds of messages on online dating just for being a foreigner. On the flip side, Southeast Asia is practically on another planet as far as weather. In Eastern Europe, the cold winters means that people want to hibernate together. As someone who has seen most of Eastern Europe and Asia, I think it’s important to note that there are huge differences in the overall culture.

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Religion was such a nonfactor for so many years, and continues to occupy so little of everyday life, that it is simply not an issue of importance between Russians and Kazakhs. Etiquette and cultural norms related to acceptable and unacceptable behavior vary between urban and rural Kazakhs. As a rule, rural Kazakhs tend to follow the cultural norms more strictly. Kazakhs especially make very little distinctions among cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

I chose these magazines because they were among the most popular in Kazakhstan and were easily accessible. The Asian Development Bank is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. It assists its members and partners by providing loans, technical assistance, grants, and equity investments to promote social and economic development.

The bread is eaten with the meal, not as dessert, and is usually strewn all over the traditional Kazakh table, which is called destrakan . Bausak is strewn all over the table so that no part of the table is showing. Kazakhs like to have every inch of service area covered with food, sometimes with more food than will fit on the table, as a way of showing respect and prosperity. With their daily meals, Kazakhs drink fruit juices, milk, soft drinks, beer, water, and tea. Many people sit down and drink tea at least six or seven times a day.

There are a lot of Christian, Krishna, Pagan en Atheist people among Kazakh people. Arabs brought Islam to the region https://www.statista.com/statistics/520103/average-age-at-marriage-in-the-netherlands-by-gender/ in the ninth century, and more than a thousand years later, Russian Orthodoxy was introduced by Russian settlers from the north. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, 47 percent of the people profess to be Muslim and 44 percent Russian Orthodox.

Kazakhstan has a historical fear of China and thus watches its border with that country closely, but the most unstable areas for Kazakhstan involve its neighbors to the south. Movements in Afghanistan have spread to the failed state of Tajikistan, forming a center of Islamic fundamentalism not far to Kazakhstan’s south. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have already dealt with attacks from rebel groups in Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan has significantly increased its military presence on its borders with Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

The dramatic scenario of the AIDS/HIV spread in other countries can be repeated in Kazakhstan where the society is not ready to independently cope with the solution of this problem. When asked whether she herself has a role model, Assanova said it was difficult for her to choose one woman among the many who have inspired her. “Since his youth, he collected poems about mothers written by poets of different countries and Kazakh poets, then he collected calendars, postcards, envelopes, stamps, badges, posters, and books dedicated to outstanding women of Kazakhstan. This is how his collection of Women of Kazakhstan began to form on his shelves,” said Assanova. The project’s seeds were planted back in the 1990s by Assanova’s late grandfather Shora Sarybayev, who was inspired by the many women he worked with.

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